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"3 Eyes of Time" - 2013

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1. Close
2. Last Chance
3. The River Standing Still
4. Burn
5. White Summer Night
6. Exposure
7. The Fear of Fear
8. A Decomposing Ritual of Absorption
9. Them Cacti
10. The Logic of Self-Discovery
11. Guiding Light

Running time: 47:11

Mikko Myllykangas - Vocals, bass guitar, additional electric guitar, synthesizers, programming and hand claps
Juho Rikberg - Guitar
Antti Karjalainen - Guitar and hand claps
Tuska E. - Drums and hand claps

All songs by M Myllykangas except
'White Summer Night', 'The Fear of Fear' and 'A Decomposing Ritual of Absorption' by MJ Myllykangas and J Rikberg
Lyrics by M Myllykangas
Arranged by Antipope
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Juhani Rikberg
Backing vocals by Hiukkavaara molested boys' choir

Produced by Antipope

Cover artwork by Diana Lavric

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