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"Rex Mundi" - 2022 (Moribund Records)

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1. Plague of Heresy and Madness
2. Rex Mundi Aeternum
3. Hounds of Lord
4. Eye of the Storm
5. Glory of Slaughter
6. Nameless Ritual to Traverse the Abyss between Darkness and Light
7. When the Day is Done
8. Mysterious Ways of Loss, Grief, and Distress
9. Twilight of the Grey Gods
10. Church of Wolves
11. Hell on Earth

Mikko Myllykangas - vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
Antti J. Karjalainen - lead and rhythm guitars
Joni Tauriainen - bass guitar
Tuska E. - drums

Released on October 28, 2022
REX MUNDI, the 6th invocation, was conjured, captured and communicated between the 4th moon of 2020 ev. and the 2nd moon of 2022 ev.

Recorded at Sacristy Studio (electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and synthesizers) and Torture Chamber 2 Studio (vocals, drums, backing vocals and choir).
Mixed and mastered by Juhani Rikberg at Sacristy Studio.
Acoustic guitar, keyboards and synthesizers by M. Myllykangas.
Choir by Hiukkavaara Molested Boys Torture Chamber Choir.

Produced by Antipope.

Cover artwork and illustrations: Danny Gonzalez Art -
Sleeve design and slayout: M. Myllykangas.