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"Chaosmos" - EP 2008
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1. Monologue
2. Theogony
3. The Great God Pan

Bonus track: A Dying God

The Inquisitors of "Chaosmos":
Antti Karjalainen - Guitars on "a Dying God" and "Monologue"
Juho Rikberg - Guitars
Jyri Palmu - Drums
Mikko Myllykangas - Vocals. Guitars on "The Great God Pan", "Monologue" and "Theogony"
Santtu Heinilehto - Bass guitar

"Chaosmos" was recorded on various dates between
November 2007 and June 2008 at TortureChamber 2 by Kyymikko and Antipope.
Mixed by Kyymikko. Produced by Kyymikko and Antipope.
The rhythms and the rhymes by M.Myllykangas.
Sleeve artwork by VPIkola.

Chaosmos is dedicated to Jyri Palmu (1979-2008).
May you rest in peace somewhere above and beyond good and evil.
You were a friend and a brother-in-arms until the very end.