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Antipope has always walked their own paths following rules made by no one. Their musical roots lie in the dark and grandious soil of classic heavy metal and black metal. Wherever Antipope's musical experimentations have taken them, soaring double guitar melodies and blastbeats have been a time tested weapon of choice to convey their iconoclastic message. Over their releases, Antipope has incorporated elements ranging from the 70s' prog and heavy metal to death metal, doom metal and industrial metal into their music presenting seamless - ever with unexpectedness and norm-defying intent.

Founded by the vocalist and guitarist Mikko Myllykangas in 2004, Antipope stormed Finland's flourishing extreme metal scene with several demo-EPs and gathered early audience in the Interwebs notorious underground music circuits, such as Performing in clubs and festivals around the country, Antipope earned the reputation of uncompromising and unique live act. In 2010, Antipope self-published their first album, "Desert".

In 2011, Antipope was signed by Violent Journey Records, and this collaboration produced two groudbreaking albums: "House of Harlot" (2011) and "3 Eyes of Time" (2013). These early 2010s albums saw Antipope incorporate influences of gothic, doom, and industrial metal and experiment with less complex song structures.

After 4 years of relative silence, Antipope return with their first internationally released album "Denial/Survival" in 2017. Published by the Brazilian Heavy Metal Rock, Denial/Survival showcased Antipope's return to their progressive roots.

In 2020, Antipope released their internation breakthrough album "Apostle of Infinite Joy" through Fertile Crescent Productions/Moribund Records. On their first full-length release of the new decade, Antipope began to focus on their foundation of heavy metal and black metal, creating a unique mixture of melodies, dark atmosphere, and searing energy.

Alchemical experimentations continued on their sixth studio album, "Rex Mundi", released by Moribund Records in October 2022. Antipope's latest album is their most ambitious to the date. A true concept album, "Rex Mundi" takes the listener on a blood soaked journey to the 13th century Franch, into the chaos and slaughter of Albigensian Crusade. To bring the messages of the heretics and the crusaders to the masses, Antipope embarked on the "Rex Mundi Finland Tour" in May 2023.

Mikko Myllykangas - lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
Antti J. Karjalainen - lead and rhythm guitar
Joni Tauriainen - bass guitar
Tuska E. - drums

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