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29/09/2023 - When the Day Is Done - single OUT NOW!
Greetings Heretics!

"When the Day Is Done" single is out now! The song is take from Antipope's 6th studio album, "Rex Mundi", which came out in october 2022.

To spice things up a notch, we decided to record our rendition of Bruce Dickinson's song "Road to Hell" (from Bruce's solo album "Accident of Birth) as a b-side.

Listen to "When the Day Is Done" and "Road to Hell" on Antipope's Official Bandcamp page, on Spotify and on every streaming platform!

Cheers! \m/
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03/07/2023 - Bandcamp Summer Sale 2023
Greetings Heretics!

Summer is here and so is the annual Summer Sale!
We got a storewide -25% sale for you lasting until the end of August

Head to Antipope's Official Bandcamp Store
and use this opportunity to get your hands on t-shirts, CDs, digital albums and
Full Discography download

- everything minus 25%!!!

Use the code "summer25" to get the discount!
Beware, some items are extremely limited editions and are available only as long as the current stock lasts!
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13/04/2023 - Rex Mundi Finland Tour
Greetings Heretics!

Antipope will embark on "Rex Mundi Finland Tour 2023" on May 6th 2023.
Dates confirmed so far:

May 6th 2023 - Oulu, 45 Special (with Leskentuska and Conspiracy)
September 23rd 2023 - Seinäjoki, Bar15 (with Leskentuska)
September 30th 2023 - Oulu, Örmynium

See you there, blasphemers!

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11/09/2022 - Church of Wolves - new single released!


We are extremely happy to announce the release of a new single track "Church of Wolves". This song heralds the coming of the 6th studio album by Antipope, 'Rex Mundi' - out on October 28th 2022.

Click the image to listen to "Church of Wolves" on YouTube:

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19/06/2022 - Tour of Infinite Joy

Hails Heretics!

As most of you have probably noticed, Antipope has finally embarked on the Tour of Infinite Joy.
Past 2022 shows:
May 21st 2022 - 45 Special, Oulu, Finland
June 17th 2022 - Metal Capital Festival, Oulu

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More dates coming soon!

06/02/2021 - New reviews added to Media section


Just added new reviews and interviews to the Media section. Go, read, and listen!


06/02/2021 - Red Goddess Video released 3 months ago!!!


Apostle of Infinite Joy has given birth to the second music video. Check out RED GODDESS on YouTube:

an image

And belated but blasphemous New Year 2021!!!

01/06/2020 - New album APOSTLE OF INFINITE JOY is out!!!


As usual, this is the last place to mention it. So here we go: APOSTLE OF INFINITE JOY, the 5th full-length by Antipope is out and available world wide - both in digital and CD formats.

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12/01/2020 - Blasphemous New Year and New Video!


What could be a better way to head into the last year of the decade than by checking out Antipope's brand new video "Serpent of Old": (click the image)

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Have a wicked 2020!

18/12/2019 - New album - Apostle of Infinite Joy out on 21.2.2020


We are - finally - more than happy to inform you that Antipope's 5th studio album will be released on February 21st 2020. The album entitled "Apostle of Infinite Joy" will present Antipope at its most melodic, heaviest and esoteric so far. The changes in the line-up over the past couple of years did invigorate the song writing and help us to strengthen our conviction. The result is something you sure don't want to miss.

The album will be published by a US record label Fertile Crescent Productions, who will take care of the world-wide distribution of the album to make it sure that it hits the record stores and streaming services near you.

Come next year, there's more to come. Meanwhile, check out the album teaser for Apostle of Infinite Joy on our YouTube channel.

08/12/2019 - There's something huge...

There's something huge approaching below the horizon. Just wanted to tell you this much - not much, we know - before you read it from somewhere else. In a couple of days you will be enlightened on the matter that we cannot discuss just yet.

Until the next time...

18/07/2019 - Joni Tauriainen joins Antipope as the new bass player


It's been a while since the last update but we are excited to share some recent news with you all.

First of all, after a few tries and misfires, we managed to find a new member to fill the not-so-easily-met requirements of the bass player of Antipope. Hailing from North Eastern Finland, Joni Tauriainen rips the low frequencies to pieces with the savage fury of untamed woodlands. This particular style happens to fit in very well with what Antipope is all about.

Secondly, the "Antipope album number 5" is well on its way to be finalised. We are currently working with final mixes as all pieces have already been put together.

Thirdly, we got little something audio-visual coming up as we prepare to move on from the era of Denial/Survival to the next chapter in the story of Antipope.

Stay savage!

20/02/2019 - Pete Cooke has left Antipope

... and we are sorry to tell you that Pete Cooke, after staying for about one year with us in the role of the bass guitarist, has left Antipope citing "creative and personal differences" as the reason for his departure.

Antipope will start looking for a new bass guitarist as the recording the upcoming fifth studio album is being finalized during the spring of 2019.

Stay tuned!

30/06/2018 - Antipope welcomes Pete Cooke as the new bass player


We're more than happy to announce that Antipope is back to full fighting line-up, four-piece, that is. As of now, Pete Cooke has joined our ranks as the new bass player.

Not only is Pete an excellent bass player, but he also runs Oulu School of Guitar. As a graduate of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the University of East London, he can show you the secrets of not only metal bass or guitar but also anything from classical guitar to ukulele and beyond. Check out Pete's school and get educated, especially if you're from around Oulu region.

28/04/2018 - Denial/Survival released in Brazil (and update to media section)


Our latest full lenght, Denial/Survival, is now released in Brazil by Heavy Metal Rock.

Also, new reviews were added to media section, check them out!

24/01/2018 - Band member update on the way

I know this is not much of a news item, but I still want to tell you that there's an update concerning our line-up coming shortly. Stay tuned!

07/12/2017 - Media section updated

There's a large handful of fresh album reviews of "Denial/Survival" and interviews added to "Media" section. You can spend a coffee break or two while reading them through.

27/11/2017 - The best progressive black metal albums of 2017

Denial/Survival included among the best progressive black metal albums of 2017, sharing the list with Enslaved, Ne Obliviscaris and others:

23/11/2017 - An interview by Antichrist Magazine

Check out the fresh interview by Antichrist Magazine. Mikko sharing some thoughts about what makes Antipope's music so unique:

10/11/2017 - Denial/Survival available for pre-order

The 4th progressive metal installment by Antipope, "Denial/Survival" is now available for pre-order, exclusively at Antipope's Bandcamp page.

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11/10/2017 - New Lyric Music Video of Waters Below
[p]Check out the new lyrics music video of "Waters Below", the opening track from Denial/Survival.

Denial/Survival is coming out on November 15th 2017 on both digital and physical formats.[/p]
13/09/2017 - Denial/Survival -album announcement
(From Antipope facebook page:

As we've been finalizing the mix of the upcoming new album the time has finally come to make a few announcements.

The 4th Antipope album is titled "Denial/Survival" and it contains the following ten tracks:

1. Waters Below
2. Flat Circle
3. Denial/Survival
4. Der Sadist
5. Hunt
6. True Anarchist (O banquiero anarquista)
7. Mindlessness Meditation
8. An Unconditional Ritual to Summon the Prince of Darkness
9. Tragic Vision
10. Resolution
(total running time approx. 53 minutes).

Stylistically, Denial/Survival represents the spirit of Antipope probably in its purest form so far by breaking the boundaries between various styles of metal and more. If you prefer an album that keeps you on your toes and has something to give until the very last minute, you won't be disappointed.

The exact release date is yet to be set, but it's most likely going to be sometime in late October/November 2017.
Stay vigilant for further updates.

07/12/2016 - Official video of White Summer Night
Greetings! The much anticipated video for "White Summer Night", a track from the album "3 Eyes of Time" is finally released.

an image

With the White Summer Night video finally done we have wrapped up the last period in Antipope's history and hope to move forward to the next one. The next album is already far in the making and hopefully it will get released by 2017.

Meanwhile, Go check out the new video!
24/11/2016 - Antipope Twitter page

If you're bored or in general lack of stimuli while waiting for the next Antipope release (which in all likelihood will be a new music video), go and start following Antipope's twitter page:

Until next time.
01/11/2016 - Juho Rikberg quits Antipope
Juho Rikberg has informed us ("Antipope") that he wishes to part company with the band. Juho is the third member of Antipope to leave the band, second to do so alive.

Juho played guitar in the band between 2005 and 2016, and he participated in the songwriting on the past three albums, "Desert" (2010), House of Harlot" (2011), and "3 Eyes of Time" (2013). Antipope is not angry at Juho, and wishes him well.

On a side note, Antipope is preparing a follow-up for the 2013 record, 3 Eyes of Time. No publication schedule is set so far, but something might be expected in not so distant future.
27/01/2015 - Army of Christ EP on Spotify
"Army of Christ" EP is available on Spotify. The title track was released with a music video in 2014, and is now avaible with two previously unreleased cover songs performed by Antipope.

Track list:
1. Army of Christ
2. Sin City (AC/DC cover)
3. Mr.Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

06/03/2014 - Army of Christ video released
Antipope has returned from hiatus with a new music video of a previously unreleased track Army of Christ.

The video is available on Antipope's Youtube channel. Click here to view the video.
24/01/2014 - Updates
History section was updated. Also some minor change to the site visuals, as you probably already noticed.
20/01/2014 - Expectations for 2014
Antipope is no longer in the state of inactivity.
27/08/2013 - Online store is now open
Antipope online store is now open. The store is located under bandcamp service. You can get the latest CDs (with digital download) as well as Antipope t-shirt with no effort.

Check out the store:
17/05/2013 - To die and live again
To die and live again
Eternal is the movement, without an end.
27/04/2013 - New album pre-listen and order
3 Eyes of Time, the new album by Antipope, is available for pre-listening.
Just click the link:

an image

And remember! The album is also available world wide from Recordshop X:
12/03/2013 - Love lies waiting
Antipope has made a cover version of "Kaerleken Vaentar" (scandic characters won't work on this damn site, sorry for that!) by Swedish indie rock giants Kent.

Check out the video on Antipope YouTube channel (click here).
05/02/2013 - Antipope announces the track list and title of the up-coming album

Antipope is preparing to release a new full-length album entitled '3 Eyes of Time'. The album is scheduled to be published in May 2013 through Violent Journey Records.

3 Eyes of Time

Track list:
1. Close
2. Last Chance
3. River Standing Still
4. Burn
5. White Summer Night
6. Exposure
7. The Fear of Fear
8. A Decomposing Ritual of Absorption
9. Them Cacti
10. The Logic of Self-Discovery
11. Guiding Light

Further reading at [url=""]Violent Journey Records Facebook page[/url].
17/12/2012 - Antipope recording a new album
According to Antipope's official Facebook page, the recording of the new album, a follow-up to "House of Harlot", is well on the way. The band has just finished recording the vocals for the up-coming album.
27/11/2012 - To a Passer-by in Black music video released

As the November is finally over, as some might say, we're closing in on celebrating the first anniversay of the release of House of Harlot album. For this special occasion we wanted to present you something special. So here is a new music video for one, if not the best, songs from House of Harlot, "To a Passer-by in Black".

To a Passer-by in Black in YouTube.

26/09/2012 - Antipope finds a new bass player (in a way)
Mikko Myllykangas, also know as the lead vocalist of the band whose website you are browsing currently, has taken up the bass duties of the band mentioned previously.

23/08/2012 - Antipope parts ways with bass player
Antipope and bass player Santtu Heinilehto have parted the ways after eight years. The decision was made by mutual agreement with absolutely no drama involved.

The reason behind the departure of Santtu was his loss of interest in playing and in music in general, and a wish to direct his energy to other aspects of life.

Mikko's statement on behalf of the band:
"It is of course a sad moment when someone you have played and created music with for 20 years decides to quite. But more important than keeping on doing things just for the sake of the tradition is to stay true to yourself. Only by being honest with what you do, you can be true to others around you and also evolve as a person. As everyone knows, music is such an intuitive experience that you cannot partake the creation of it if you are not there with every cell of your being, not at least on the level Antipope operates. Personally, I wish very best for Santtu, who besides playing bass in Antipope, has been a friend for over 20 years."

Antipope will continue its unscrupulous existence as a quartet.

Meanwhile, Antipope has been working on the follow-up to last years "House of Harlot" album. The recording of the album is well on the way and the band expects a release in early 2013.
19/06/2012 - They did an interview with Mikko from Antipope
Exteminal Webzine did an interview with Mikko. The interview covers the current situation of the band as well as takes a look at the metal scene nowadays and more.
Read the whole interview at Extreminal website: Click here.
30/04/2012 - Live date up-date
Happy Last of April - First of May, everybody!

We got some live dates coming for this year, so Harlot Tour is going to continue at least for a couple of more gigs. The first date to confirm is for a show in Oulu on 5th of October, in Hevimesta (as most usual). But there should be more coming for north and south of Finland this time.

(If you're from Finland, you're probably pretty wasted by now, so check back for the live dates announced later)

27/02/2012 - A bunch of YouTube videos

There's a half dozen videos of Antipope rehearsing last week in Youtube.
Also, there's a "Powers of Satan" video with lyrics available.
Check it out and sing along in our next show in Helsinki in two weeks.

See you there!

And here's the link if your're too lazy to click the YouTube logo above:
13/12/2011 - Gigs added for year 2012

As the year 2011, which has been especially good to Antipope (and for the listeners of Antipope too, we hope), draws nigh to its demise, we are happy to announce a couple of live shows for the next year.

In February you can catch us live in Oulu, and in March in Helsinki.
Check out the details in the "Tour" section. More live shows will be added sooner or later.

Also, a couple of more reviews of House of Harlot has been added to "Media" section.

Stay perverse!
30/11/2011 - House of Harlot is released
Greetings you love-sick lost souls!

House of Harlot, the second full-length album by shameless metal chimera Antipope, is finally released.
To get your hands and ears on the 11 new pieces of lust-ridden cabaret metal and lullabies navigate to Record Shop X webpage for a world wide ordering.
Otherwise, you might want to choose your preferred digital delivery by choosing perhaps one of the links provided above.

Harlot makes the heart grow fonder.

P.S. A handful of fresh reviews of House of Harlot has been added to Media section.
23/11/2011 - House of Harlot streaming online
Salve you sick bastards! Now, for the first time ever, streaming all the way through in its mind and body degrading length, presents to you:

an image House of Harlot!
Can you take this ride?!

And as a final warning, the herald of doom declares:
You have six days left to pre-order your copy of House of Harlot. After that, you may never do it again. Act now!

17/11/2011 - A sample song from House of Harlot
Greetings you libertines!

We are proud to present to you a sample song from the upcoming album House of Harlot:
To a Passer-by in Black

What could I say? It's a ballad gone bad.

Have fun!
10/11/2011 - Album release party at PRKL Club on 3rd of December
Hail you perverts!

We got it just confirmed that we're going celebrate the release of House of Harlot at PRKL Club on Saturday 3rd of December. The stage will be shared with Fleshred and Hatetrend.

Here's the timetable:
Fleshred 22:00
Hatetrend 23:00
Antipope 00:00

All you shameless libertines are most heartily welcome!

P.S. Here's a review of House of Harlot, chech it out.
07/11/2011 - The official music video of A Thing so Vile is released!

We're proud to present our first official music video. From the upcoming album we chose the track "A Thing so Vile" to be the first video release of the album.

an image
Check out the video on our YouTube channel. (Click the image above)

29/10/2011 - New Antipope merchandises available!
We finally managed to get the classic Antipope t-shirt available in our Online Shop. This long waited piece of a stitch is available for 5 euros.
an image
Proceed to the shop.[/url]
20/10/2011 - New album out on 30th of November
Our new album House of Harlot will be released on November 30th 2011. The second full length by Antipope will be published through Violent Journey Records.
an image
The new album will present the most straight forward material by Antipope so far. In one word the album could be described as being "carnal". This will keep you warm through cold and dark winter nights. Cheers!

Click the album cover to pre-order your copy of House of Harlot. (World Wide Shipping!)
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21/09/2011 - The World Coming Down / Powers of Satan -single is out!
The first single taken from our forth-coming album House of Harlot is released digitally.
The single entitled "The World Coming Down" contains exclusively the song "Powers of Satan".
Listen to or download the single on an image or an image or listen to it on an image.
27/08/2011 - A single track from the new album available
Check out Antipope 's YouTube Channel.
There's a track from the upcoming album House of Harlot:
The World Coming Down (please click the image below)
an image
02/08/2011 - Updates on the website
The history section was updated alongside with new pics in the gallery. A tour section was added - with no new gigs, just yet.
01/08/2011 - The title of the forthcoming new full-length album revealed!
The next full-length album of Antipope has entered the mixing phase. The recording of the album was finilized in early July, some six months after the first trackings were made.

The new album bears the title "House of Harlot", and consist of 11 songs. An online single release has also been scheduled.
Look forward to the track listing and more info concerning the HoH in near future!
26/04/2011 - Antipope plays at Jyrkkä Rock Festival
Antipope joins the line-up for Jyrkkä Rock 2011 festivals. The festival takes place on first weekend of July 2011 at Jyrkkäkoski, Pudasjärvi. The festival website:
21/04/2011 - A statement concerning the up-coming album from the band
An official statement from the band concerning the upcoming full-length album:

During March 2011 we finished recording the instrumentation for the follow-up to Desert. This is going to be something totally different from Desert, yet very Antipopish in it\'s character. Once again, we couldn\'t care less what kind of music is expected from a band that is mainly labeled as a metal act. Those who have followed our undertakings through the years will be positively surprised by our new material. Or not. Vocals will be recorded in July and some kind of a promotional release through internet is planned for August.
18/02/2011 - A review of Desert has published a review of Desert in Finnish. Overall positive review awarded Desert 3 stars out of 5.

Check out the review on site
12/01/2011 - It is all started and going
Antipope has started to record a follow-up to the last year\'s full-length album Desert. The song material, consisting of some 15 songs, was written between April and October 2010. The band describes it as more "straight-forward" and "intense". Check out the Facebook and Myspace profiles for (ir)regular updates of photos from the recording session.
22/12/2010 - Anti-Christ-mass!
We\'ll get back to you in 2011!
12/11/2010 - Desert available from Record Shop X - Desert nyt Levykauppa Äx
It possible couldn't get any easier. You can order your copy of Desert from Record Shop X for 6,90 euros.
Shipping world wide!

an image
08/11/2010 - Desert is out - We are taking orders - Otamme vastaan tilauksia
This shouldn't be the last place to put a message about it, but that\'s how it goes...Anyway

Desert is released!

an image

Now is your chance to enhance your record collection with a brilliant digipak edition of Desert. The album includes a 12 page booklet with never-before-seen artwork.

You can get this piece of metal art for 7 euros plus shipping (2 euros outside Finland). International orders: Place your orders on our still crude shopping site: Click to enter Antipope webshop[/url].

Same in Finnish:
Desert on siis nyt saatavilla komiana digipak-painoksena. 12-sivun vihkolla varustettu levy on tilauksen päässä sinun levyhyllystä. Tilaukset Suomeen osoitteeseen
Levyn hinta on 7 euroa + posti 1 euro.
15/10/2010 - First Antipope live show in Raahe plus new live pics
On 20th of November 2010 Antipope will share the stage in Bio Huvimylly, Raahe, with Chromatic Dark (Oulu), Chained and Last Rose (both from Raahe).
Here is a link to event:

The venue is an old movie theater. The atmosphere will be spectacular, do doubt about that. So there is no better chance to witness Antipope live show with 3 other great bands.

The first band will start around 18:30, so this is exceptionally early event.

A couple of new photos were just added here and there. Roam around the site and see if you can find them.

The autumn spreads her fiery wings,
09/09/2010 - Alive with Korina and Sotaleski
Live on the night of 9th of October, Antipope will share a stage with Sotaleski and Korina in Kuusisaaren Paviljonki, Oulu. The starting time is approx. 9 pm.
22/07/2010 - Desert in Spotify
Antipope\'s latest full-length is available in Spotify service. You can get your digital finger on it also in and other website.
05/05/2010 - Desert online
Our new album is available at

Here is the address where you can find it:
Desert in Jamendo

Something of a show could be announced soon. Just maybe.
30/03/2010 - Songs of the Desert
Greetings! Our new album is ready and complete. A couple of songs has already found their way to the net. Please use myspace and mikseri links above to get your ears on them.

"Desert" was recorded between November 2009 and February 2010. The album consists of 9 songs. We now start to look for the best possible way to get the album published.
25/03/2010 - New videos
A couple of live videos were filmed while the band was in action in Hevimesta a week ago. The videos can be found on our YouTube channel.
25/03/2010 - Yet another Show
Antipope will perform live at Semifinal, Helsinki 13th of April 2010. We\'ll be there for Hitlantis Bubble Club. Whoever came up with the title... Anyway, be there on 13.4.2010.
24/03/2010 - More gigs
Yes, one more gig at least for this spring. On 28th of April we will share the stage again with Sotaleski. This time at Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu. The new album, Desert, is also getting closer to be released. It\'s no longer in our hands so to say.
27/01/2010 - Updates on Myspace page and elsewhere
On Official Antipope Myspace page a couple of updates has appeared. New photos and blog entries, studio reports.
Please use the Myspace link above.

02/01/2010 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year 2010 everyone! Looking forward to this still unspoiled year I\\\'m quite excited. We have a first full-length Antipope album underway which in itself is a major event to look forward. But we\\\'ll see what more there is to come. A whole new decade is ahead of us so let\\\'s try to make best of it. Cheers! ~mm
17/09/2009 - Excessive Use of Faith digipak
Excessive Use of Faith is finally out in physical format. Check out our myspace page for further information. Cheers, Mm
29/07/2009 - Summer 2009 update from the band
Instead of holidaying we have managed to keep ourselves quite busy in addition to the usual summer activities ie. going to festivals and so on.

Too long anticipated follow-up to "Chaosmos" is finally being prepared for release in both CD and online format. Entitle "Excessive Use of Faith" and carrying three songs of black heavy metal we feel that the up-coming EP is definitely the strongest work by the band so far - as it should be. Final release date is still obscure depending on how long it takes to get the records from pressing. Online release is planned to be around 13th of August.

Around the time of EUF being released we also take the stage once again. On Friday 14th of August we perform alongside Baptism and progressive black metal excellence Enochian Crescent at the official after party of Jalometalli 2009 festivals in Oulu, Finland.

Stay blasphemous!
07/04/2009 - Dirty pictures
Live photos from recent gigs has been added to our myspace site. Minor updates here and there also. Let\'s see if you can find any of them. -mm
04/02/2009 - Live shows announced!
Antipope will perform at least twice this year:
25th of March at Hevimesta, Oulu
3rd of April at Lupi, Oulu. w/Fatal Error.
20/09/2008 - Gallery updates
Live section in the Gallery updated.
17/09/2008 - The new drummer and site updates
Due to the tragic loss of the drummer by the end of June the band spent the whole of August in search of a new drummer. After auditioning several candidates and careful consideration the band welcomed Tuska E. as a new member to fill the line-up.

There has also occured a couple of updates here in Palace of Antipope. Band info section and especially members section is finally getting some content. We also have a new gallery set up, which still needs a lot of tuning, however.
13/09/2008 - Chaosmos is out!
Antipope has released new demo EP Chaosmos. Check out Antipope\'s myspace page for further information.
14/07/2008 - Jyri Palmu RIP (1979-2008)
Jyri Palmu - our brother-in-arms and friend - passed away on 29th of June from heart failure at the age of 29. Jyri will be remembered as a great friend and as the one who pounded the war-drum for Antipope from the beginning to the last days of his life.
23/03/2008 - Upcoming live appearances
18.4. w/ Betrayal at Park 57, Oulu 15.5. AC Willi Sika, Oulu.
23/03/2008 - Antipope is now a five-piece
Antipope has recruited another guitarist. From now on Antipope will exist as a five-piece group consisting of A Karjalainen-guitars, J Rikberg-guitars, J Palmu-drums, M Myllykangas-vocals and S Heinilehto-bass.
10/03/2008 - Antipope is searching for another guitarist
More info available (in Finnish) here.
05/01/2008 - New images added
New images, including a set from our first gig, added into the info/images section.

In other news, this site will be gradually renewed because... well, because of many obvious reasons (it's fugly, hard to use, impossible to update, forum isn't working, etc.). So, beware of some changes and lots of problems.
11/12/2007 - New Songs
Some new songs available at and Official MySpace sites.
12/11/2007 - A Gig in Oulu!
Yes, this should not be the last place to announce it, but this seems to be the case anyway. So, we have a gig in Oulu 14.11.07 22:00 in a place called Ykan Pubi. Everyone is welcome, the entrance is free.

I really do not know why bothered to wrote this in English...
22/10/2007 - An Incantation to Make All the Welkin Ring the Name of the Antipope
...which means that there is a new Antipope song available at
17/08/2007 - Story update
History section has been updated.
05/05/2007 - Our thanks
A big thank you to our fans in Persjärvi (Arselake) for great effort!
27/04/2007 - An image added...
Update: More blurry and hazy images added. Enjoy if you can, I seriously could not.

There is one new image added into the info section. Probably, some more coming soon from our new rehearsing place.
02/03/2007 - Lyrics from Apostate Angel
The lyrics from our latest release "Apostate Angel" are being added to the lyrics section.
29/01/2007 - A minor update
No, we are not dead yet. Our apologies.
Updated a new version of Foreplay and changed the old clip of Razorwire to a bit newer (full) song called A Dying God. Both available in the downloads section and also in the (the page is now available in English, too).
20/07/2006 - Some images available
At last, an update. I finally got some images available at the Info page. Currently, there are only two images of Mikko and Juho, but I will add some uglier faces of our rhythm section soon.

Update: As promised more images added.
13/07/2006 - Still another layout overhaul and much behind the scene tweaking
Hopefully the last one for a while. There will be some minor changes still as I see how this thing start to work out. And no, there are still not images of band members available. Die with it.
29/06/2006 - New Antipope site is here.
...albeit, still a bit under construction. As you may have noticed, we have now some improved(?) layout thing going on and, essentially, own domain.
22/05/2006 - has some anti-material (sic) now!
New anti-material available at (links working now!).
22/05/2006 - The Antipope forum is open.
Like someone should care...

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